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  • Brief Introduction To Africa and China's Relationship

    Contradictory to Europe and Africa relation in history, Chinese and African co-existence is of peace and growth. This relationship between Asian countries and Africa documented from the early 14th relations to the current and massive 21st century.

    This relation has seen Chinese views and values to be adopted increasingly by emerging African economies. The financial crisis that hit the world finance in 2008 had a minute impact in the Chinese economy. This reason and the persistent effort of the Chinese government led to chance in mentality of head of states to shift from the western globalization to the Far East.      

    To aid in this overall shift of culture a verity of tools has been implemented in the African community. These include collaboration in the sector of trade, communication and education. This strategy is planned to minimalism the negative impact of cultural shock to both parties. The 2015 Chinese year celebration in South Africa is a prime example. This event included a verity of Chinese cultural activities.

    Industrialization just happens to be exactly what many African countries are aiming for as well The Chinese have invested a very large amount of resources in every corner of the continent— in infrastructures in trade and commerce, communication technology and in manufacturing. Although these are somewhat main investments they are not the only one. Real-estate and the hospitality industry are on the rise too.

    The relation is no limited to the above stated. China and Africa are also working in the peace and security sectors. The increase economic condition cannot come to full realization if the security environment is no a stable one.

    China’s hunger for agricultural goods, and perhaps for farm land, may grow as China’s population expands and the middle class becomes richer. This demand could fuel a new and large young workforce for African population.

    Although the above are all advantages for the growth of the poverty stricken land, there are some who question some of the policies and agreement between the heads of state. and the Chinese investors. Fair pay; fair opportunity in the investing sectors; environmental concerns; and the non-transferring of skills are some of the question relayed by concerned citizens. They argue that relations with Chinese government are of the state-to-state deal— this doesn’t seem beneficiary to the common who are actually living working in that particular African county. There have been reports of blocking deals based on these reason.

    As to any given relationship and co-existence there are highs and lows. With the slowing of global economic growth due to the fluctuate price of oil many are turning their head to Africa. For the young and enthusiastic this is a huge opportunity both to earn a decent living and advance own knowledge with experience.      

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