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World's Most Expensive Meals


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we have a list of most expensive foods in the world, check them out, If you ask me looking at these insanely Expensive Foods is crazy who in the right mind pay this much for a meal

1.ok we going to start off the most expensive food list with a hot dog. Hot dog is one of the most accessible and easy to come by foods in the world, a lot of street vendors sell them for as little as $1 so if you go to Dougie Dog in Vancouver, you might be unhappy at spending $100 on one! But the dog is made from Louis 13th cognac, lobster, picante sauce and kobe beef in truffle oil. If you want one, you'll need to give 3 days notice!

2. Another of the most common sandwiches in the world is the philly cheesesteak. Delicious beef, onions and cheese in a bun. Well Barclay Prime adds a little pizzaz to the classic and charges you $100 for the pleasure. It consists of ribeye, foie gras and truffle infused cheese in a bun. You get a glass of Dom Perignon for your troubles too

3. A soup. Soup! The easiest and cheapest of meals to prepare ever. So easy it was the staple during the great depression. Well in London's Kai Mayfair, the Buddha Over The Wall dish will cost $170. The recipe now consists of abalone, Japanese flower mushroom, sea cucumber, dried scallops, chicken, huan ham, pork and ginseng, having once contained shark fin.

4. Caviar is the food of the rich and in most movies and tv shows it's the expensive order on any menu. Well in New York Bara Masa will charge you $240 for an 8 piece for a caviar roll containing fresh tuna

5. The first desert on the list comes in the form of Decadence D'Or cupcake for Sweet Surrender at the Palazzo in Vegas. It's created using Venezuelan chocolate using the rare Porcelana Criollo bea, gold caviar and edible gold flakes. That's right, you're eating gold. It costs $750

6. And the next desert bumps up the price to $1000 and its the Golden Opulence Sundae at New York's Serendipity 3. It has 3 scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, topped with more gold leaf and has more rare boxed chocolates on top. Add to that candied fruit, gold dragets, truffles and a bowl of caviar and you've got your sundae. You also get an 18k gold spoon to keep as a reminder you spent $1000 on ice cream.

7. Pizza is the most eaten dish in the world. It's easy and accessible by all. So why pay $1000 for on? Well it's topped with caviar, lobster tail and the freshest vegetables around, that's why.

8. Frittata is made from eggs. So paying $1000 for one seems madness. But Norma's frittata has 10 oz of caviar dumped on top of it as well as fresh lobster tail and comes on a bed of fried potato. The restaurant at New York's Le Parker Meridien sells about 10-12 of the $1,000 Lobster Fritters throughout the course of a year

9. The second pizza on the list is from Margo's Malta and needs a week's notice to prepare. It consists of white truffle and gold and can only be ordered between October and May. The truffles are flown in specifically for the pizza and the price is $2500. It has buffalo mozzarella and some more gold leaf for garnish.

10. The humble burger; a piece of seasoned beef in a bun. Perfect. Well how about one that costs $5000? The Fleur Burger 5000 from restaurant Fleur in Las Vegas costs exactly that. Its Kobe beef with foie gras and a brioche truffle bun. With it comes a bottle of Chateau Petrus and 2 crystal glasses for the eater to keep. Eating the world's most expensive burger, one imagines what does a $5000 burger taste like? in my eyes like nothing special i bet you.

11. Now the items start to become about what comes with them rather than the food itself and that is where the The Luxury collection cocktails come in from Gleneagles hotel in Scotland. For $5000 you can get a cocktail consisting of luxury vodka, lemon and an 18k white gold ring. There is also a less expensive option for $2500 that consists of gin, maraschino liqueur and lemon. For that you'll also get a white gold diamond pendant to keep.

12. Salvatore Calabrese is a world record holder for most expensive cocktail and it's for his Salvatore's Legacy, which it comes in a $8500. It's the use of old spirits which are from the 18th century and has cognac, kummel liqueur and orange curacao as well as some more modern bitters included. Only 3 have ever been ordered.

13. Another cocktail, another ring, this time it's in New York Algonquin hotel where a martini will set you back $10,000 because it contains a diamond encrusted engagement ring. The ring is placed in the cocktail for the unsuspecting man or woman to discover before being popped the question.

if you liked reading about the most expensive foods in the world then watch the full video you will see a shocking price of 4 million for a price of a dish

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